WEEKEND IN TOUCHENG - IAGO VALIN (梵雅⼽) I really do love living in Taipei, but sometimes city life can wear me down and my body and mind crave for nature. For a tired urban-dweller like me, spending a weekend in Toucheng Township (頭城鄉) in Yilan (宜蘭), taking in the mountains and coast is simply the best kind of therapy there is. Though many might only know the township for its popular surfing beach in Wai’ao(外澳), there is a wealth of history, culture and nature to be discovered. TRAVELLING TO TOUCHENG My weekend started off really early. Let me tell you, I am absolutely not a morning person, but as I boarded the bus at 7:10 a.m. from Taipei, I couldn’t fall asleep at all from the excitement. Though my two companions in this journey, Ira and Nana, didn’t seem to have any problems catching a few Zs on the bus. On the bus Rainy weather happy faces We reached Toucheng Station and were greeted with a lovely taste of the typical wintry Yilan weather: gloomy skies with an almost constant driz